We are pleased to let you know that our clinics are reopening on Monday 1st of June. We have put the following procedures in place to make your visit to our clinics as safe as possible for you and our team.

If you have been classed as high risk or if you have an underlying health condition. We advise you do not attend the clinic until the risk of infection has reduced.

1. The practitioners will be wearing a mask. (we may use face shield and gloves if needed)

2. Windows will remain open for airing.

3. Leaving a10 minute gap in between each appointment to ensure there is only one patient in the clinic at any given time and for cleaning.

4. Additional Covid-19 anti-viral cleaning procedures for between patients and at end of shift.

5. Our staff members will change clothing when they arrive into clinic and before leaving.

We kindly ask you to follow the following procedures:

1. For Caterham Clinic: only one person allowed in the reception area, more seats available in the corridor, otherwise please wait in your car for your appointment time.

For Tunbridge Wells Clinic: Only one person allowed in the reception area. You may need to wait outside as other practitioners are using the clinic.

2. Please wash your hands upon arrival and departure from the clinic.

3. Do attend your appointment alone when possible. We request that family/friends wait in the car unless accompanying a minor or an individual requiring assistance.

4. To wear or bring appropriate clothing e.g. women: shorts or leggings and a vest/t-shirt, men: shorts/joggers and t-shirt.

5. It is mandatory you wear a face mask. If you don’t have a mask you can purchase one in the clinic.

6. Leave accessory items at home if possible e.g. watches and jewellery.

7. Please stay alert for any Covid-19 symptoms and get in touch to reschedule your appointment if necessary.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by those procedures and hope we can go back to “normality” soon.