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Not just for backs !

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Back Pain

Chiropractors are best known for treating back pain



Many headaches are related to the neck. Relieving tension in the neck and shoulders can help alleviate those headaches


Shockwave Therapy

Advanced soft tissue treatment for Tendonitis, Plantar fascitis

Get Your Happy Back


We treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, Orit having a special interest in treating pregnant woman and TMJ dysfunction. Gary in treating chronic tendinopathies such as plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis and shoulder conditions.

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Free Spinal Check 

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Chiropractors Tunbridge Wells

I have been seeing Andrew here and he is amazing! I have gone from not even being able to walk or sit properly, in the worst pain of my life to now where I am almost 100% with both. My posture has even improved from before I hurt my back! Thank you 😊👍
Emily Downs
Emily Downs
11:31 01 Oct 18
I just want to write a quick note to say how satisfied I have been with my treatment. Gary is friendly and professional and provided great results right from the first session. He recommended a number of exercises which have helped maintain my improvement. If you are suffering from any sort of back or neck pain, I would highly recommend you pay these guys a visit. My only wish is that I would've gone sooner!
Rob Freeman
Rob Freeman
10:02 08 Sep 18
Finally found a clinic that provided the correct treatment for my chronic ankle condition which had been mis-diagnosed in the past. I am now able to run again for the first time in 6 months knowing that I am not putting any more stress on my ankle as the treatment and rehabilitation has been worth the wait. Fully recommend Gary if you are are looking to get back to your fitness regime.
Jackie Box
Jackie Box
10:45 06 Sep 18
I have been dealing with a bad neck and back pain for about a year and finally decided to see a chiropractor as the tightness and pain wasn't improving. Gary very easily identified the nature of my problem and got to treating it with deep tissue massage and trigger point work. He often incorporates different treatment methods like decompression, vibration and cracking (very satisfying). Overall it's been 3 sessions and my pain and tightness have improved by about 70%. I no longer wake up with a sore neck and traps. I looking forward to continuing my treatment. It's great to have such a professional experience at an affordable price.
Hamza Shaikh
Hamza Shaikh
17:07 29 Aug 18
Just left woooow what diffrance such a lovely man filled me with confidence and my pain is so much better back tomorrow for next session but they where so nice and fitted me in today when I called as my pain was so bad highly recommend and very reasonably priced
Nicki Rogers
Nicki Rogers
16:23 29 Aug 18
After suffering for nearly 2 years with Sternum pain Gary was able to diagnose it as Costochondritis; following a treatment plan the symptoms have been diminishing and I am more hopeful than ever that I will be rid of this condition one day soon. Gary has succeeded in correctly diagnosing and treating, something physio and doctors were unable to achieve, highly recommended.
Will Davis
Will Davis
10:48 17 Aug 18
A neglected sports injury had resulted in chronic pain in my ankle. After several uncomfortable months with no improvement I sought professional help from Gary Edwards at the Shockwave Clinic. Thanks to his excellent course of treatment and invaluable advice I am now pain free and running again. Without hesitation I would recommend his services.
Beverly Dwyer
Beverly Dwyer
10:05 03 Aug 18
I went to Gary with dull pain in my neck, upper and lower back from built up gym weight training, plus a 9-5 desk job. Within 2 sessions my body was less tense and I had more mobility in my muscles. The dull pain had completely gone and overall feel much more positive.Thanks, Gary!
Mike Paine
Mike Paine
15:06 06 Jul 18
I went to see Andrew after my specialist suggested I might have a slipped disc with the challenge that within two weeks I would be walking part of The Camino de Santiago.Andrew immediately identified my problem as a muscular one but given time constraints we were only able to do a few sessions. From being unable to walk for more than an hour without pain I managed the 250km walk in ten days, some parts of which required nearly 40km/day. And the only pain I suffered was from a few blisters! Some might put it down to the miracles of St James but I reckon it had more to do with Andrew’s healing hands.I will continue to go for monthly sessions and cannot recommend him highly enough.
Alex Lutton
Alex Lutton
10:06 11 Jun 18
I visited TW Chiropractic and Shockwave Clinic for a course of shockwave on my lower back. I was really surprised at how quickly there was a positive impact at improving a longstanding niggling pain in my facet joint. To date the gains have stayed with me so I'm really pleased and while it may not work for everyone, it's definitely worth giving it a try.
Douglas W
Douglas W
09:22 30 May 18
Having been unable to run for a month due to lower back pain Andrew has been great in analysing the issue, correcting the problem and offering advice in preventing further issues. Having had 2 sessions I'm back running and happy. No hesitation in recommending Andrew.
Mark Childs
Mark Childs
20:32 26 May 18
After nearly 3 years of chronic coccyx pain, I went to Gary as a last resort. I'm now a month into treatment and my pain is now very much reduced and I can even sit without pain for fairly lengthy periods of time. I feel certain that soon I can have a normal life in which I don't view all chairs with suspicion. Thanks Gary!
Ribs Norman
Ribs Norman
08:31 18 May 18
I can not thank Gary more for his help.I found his practise by chance after several unsuccessful therapies with other chiropractors. By the time I met Gary my situation felt helpless, I could not walk.The past five years I spend on doctors appointments, has laser and ultrasound therapy, finally blocker injection. Nothing was working and the only hope seemed to be the operation. During the first visit with Gary I had a through interview. My case was confirmed to be difficult plantar fasciitis. Gary used shockwave combined with physiotherapy. After 5 months I can say with full confidence that my life came back to normal. I can walk again, like I used to, with no pain.Gary is a fantastic professional, his commitment saved me from disability.He is the best chiropractor I have met in my life, worldwide! Thank you very much again!
Violetta Skalka-Tate
Violetta Skalka-Tate
13:32 08 Apr 18
My treatment at the Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic and Shockwave Clinic with Gary has been First Class!.Having been in chronic shoulder pain/Tendonitis for nearly three years with little quality of life , it was refreshing to meet someone who was interested in my welfare.With numerous failed attempts with physiotherapy behind me , before I came to see Gary I had resigned myself to a life of pain and strong pain killers.In just 3/4 sessions my quality of life has improved tremendously and and for that I am eternally grateful.Finally I am starting to live a normal life again.I only wish I had found Gary sooner .
Danielle Edwards
Danielle Edwards
14:44 23 Mar 18
I’ve been visiting Gary since August 2017 for monthly treatments to keep me pain free.He’s always welcoming, explains the treatment clearly and is very competitively priced. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his treatments.
Euan Blundell
Euan Blundell
12:41 16 Mar 18
My son was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters which basically left him sofa bound and in pain from an otherwise active and healthy lifestyle. Treatment offered from GP/Hospital was ineffective (painkillers and stretching exercises) so I turned to Shockwave Therapy. After 4 x weekly treatments and I would say that he is 80% better and pretty much living his post-diagnosis lifestyle. I have been impressed by the results and the kind/professional service given. The actual treatment was quite painful for my son an a very tender area of his knee but, for a couple of minutes of discomfort, the results were well worth it. I would recommend this clinic and this form of treatment.
David Boulcott
David Boulcott
18:30 06 Feb 18
Been seeing Gary for around 6 months now. GP didn't help much so decided on self help route. Issues with back & neck.Gary soon sorted. Been back for a 'top up' as niggles with back again. Also had an issue with my hip which Gary sorted in just one session! Gary is just fantastic.Highly recommend.
Helen Highams
Helen Highams
16:50 24 Jan 18
I’ve been seeing chiropractors for over thirty years, across three different countries. Gary is by far the best I’ve ever been to. Can’t recommend him enough. My recent disc issue has improved dramatically after two visits. Much better result than Physio for me. I wouldn’t see another at this point even if I was paid to. Sets you at ease, explains what he is doing and why. Highly recommended if you need a chiropractor.
mike porteous
mike porteous
11:21 21 Oct 17


Our vision is to provide the highest level of specialist chiropractic care, treatment and prevention techniques to people suffering with acute and chronic back and neck pain in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding villages.


All of our chiropractors are members of the General Chiropractic Council as well as of the British Chiropractic Association. They follow regular post-graduate professional development courses to keep them up to date with new techniques and the latest medical developments. Our chiropractors are covered by most medical insurers.


We provide you with a specially tailored plan that not only focuses on reducing the pain, immobility or discomfort you are experiencing, but also considers the possible causes of your condition i.e. your lifestyle, any genetic disorders, age and general health.


Making that first chiropractic appointment can be an anxious moment but it is also the first step towards returning to your daily activities without pain and keeping it that way. You can book your first appointment Online or by telephone we also offer a 10 minute free consultation. Our friendly team will be on-hand to reassure you and help you arrange a suitable time to come in and see us.


By helping you to understand your condition in more detail and by addressing possible causes and triggers – we will ensure that you not only receive the best  treatment possible but that you are provided with the extra support and advice needed to manage your condition long-term.


Chiropractic is suitable for families, workers, seniors, juniors, pregnant patients, sport people and more. Our chiropractic clinic operates from beautifully presented, family-friendly premises in the centre of Tunbridge wells just 3 minute walk from the train station and we like to ensure that our patients are made to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their visit.

About Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic

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We are a multi disciplinary practice with chiropractors, psychologist Massage Rehabilitation and Clinical massage

The Clinic is located above the aviation book shop 3 minutes walk from the mainline train station in Tunbridge Wells.

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Chiropractors are best known for treating back pain, but the can also treat a wide range of other musculoskeletal conditions.

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