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October 21, 2016

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Back Pain

Chiropractors are best known for treating back pain


Shockwave Therapy

Advanced soft tissue treatment for Tendonitis, Plantar fascitis



Many headaches are related to the neck. Relieving tension in the neck and shoulders can help alleviate those headaches

Get Your Happy Back


We treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, Orit having a special interest in treating pregnant woman and TMJ dysfunction. Gary in treating chronic tendinopathies such as plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis and shoulder conditions.

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Free Spinal Check 

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Chiropractors Tunbridge Wells

After limping around in pain for several weeks , with a bad hip and determined not to go down the pain killer route . A colleague recommended Gary to me ,as he had helped them and several other people they knew . I am so glad they did ! After just one session, it was a hundred times better and I could finally sit without wincing! Gary is friendly , professional and extremely helpful . Explaining my injury and the exercises to aid recovery. I have now just had my 3rd visit with Gary and I’m walking without pain . I would say to anybody suffering with pain , you don’t have to ! Go see Gary !
Rachel Barden
Rachel Barden
19:00 08 Feb 18
My son was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters which basically left him sofa bound and in pain from an otherwise active and healthy lifestyle. Treatment offered from GP/Hospital was ineffective (painkillers and stretching exercises) so I turned to Shockwave Therapy. After 4 x weekly treatments and I would say that he is 80% better and pretty much living his post-diagnosis lifestyle. I have been impressed by the results and the kind/professional service given. The actual treatment was quite painful for my son an a very tender area of his knee but, for a couple of minutes of discomfort, the results were well worth it. I would recommend this clinic and this form of treatment.
David Boulcott
David Boulcott
18:30 06 Feb 18
Been seeing Gary for around 6 months now. GP didn't help much so decided on self help route. Issues with back & neck.Gary soon sorted. Been back for a 'top up' as niggles with back again. Also had an issue with my hip which Gary sorted in just one session! Gary is just fantastic.Highly recommend.
Helen Highams
Helen Highams
16:50 24 Jan 18
I visited Gary's clinic this week, after experiencing severe back pains - I couldn't walk, sit or even lie down without suffering. It was clear from our discussion that Gary understood the likely cause and understood how to get may back into a better state. Gary carried out some treatments on my back: I felt considerable relief from the pain even after one session. I am pleased with the treatments and guidance provided. I expect to continue to use his services to manage my back issues.
Shamser Ahmed
Shamser Ahmed
14:06 17 Jan 18
Very impressed with the level of service I receive.I visit here quite regularly. Gary is extremely professional, courteous, and very friendly. As I work office hours, I always book appointments after 6:30pm. Perfect for me as I don’t need take any time off work :-)I would definitely recommend.10/10
Shueab Ali
Shueab Ali
18:18 26 Oct 17
I’ve been seeing chiropractors for over thirty years, across three different countries. Gary is by far the best I’ve ever been to. Can’t recommend him enough. My recent disc issue has improved dramatically after two visits. Much better result than Physio for me. I wouldn’t see another at this point even if I was paid to. Sets you at ease, explains what he is doing and why. Highly recommended if you need a chiropractor.
mike porteous
mike porteous
11:21 21 Oct 17
There are no sufficient objective to classify how happy we are with Gary. He has achieved in 2/3 weeks what other professionals failed to achieve in 3 months with my lower back. I have experienced many chiropractics and physiotherapists and Gary is among the best!He knows what to look for, and has all the necessary knowledge to provide suitable professional advice. My wife too, went to him with an emergency and walked out much better and still improving! 🙂 happy with the treatment, advice and with the great service Gary provides.Recommended beyond any doubt! 🙂
António Santos
António Santos
19:31 20 Oct 17
Both my Wife, Celia and I have been seeing Gary Edwards for about five months now, initially for acute flares of back/neck problems and now for maintenance treatment. He is extremely professional and thorough, finding and treating all our various aches and pains with excellent results. We have experienced other Chiropractic Practitioners in the past but Gary has exceeding all our expectations, and giving us a full half hour on each visit is definitely well worth the fee he charges. We cannot recommend Gary enough.
Haydn Brown
Haydn Brown
15:56 18 Oct 17
Gary at the Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic and Shockwave Clinic has successfully treated both my Achilles tendons, which have been chronically painful for well over a year as a result of injury. I had tried physiotherapy and prescribed stretches to no avail and the problem was becoming more and more entrenched. I had heard about Shockwave therapy and was delighted to find that Gary’s clinic, just 5 minutes’ hobble down the road from me, offered treatment. After a thorough consultation and assessment, I began the recommended 4 sessions on one tendon. The treatment is counter intuitive in that it aggravates, rather than soothes the tendon, which helps strengthen it – and it’s not comfortable! He combined the Shockwave therapy with deep tissue massage and acupuncture on my calf muscles. After the first side had more or less recovered, he treated the other side and I’m now actually able to walk without pain, which I attribute entirely to Gary’s expertise. I’d totally recommend Gary and this treatment for anyone suffering similar injury.
Caro Grindle
Caro Grindle
12:25 17 Oct 17
I highly recommend Gary. When I had my first appointment with him I found walking painful and could hardly bend at all due to the pain in my lower back. Within a couple of weeks I had full range of motion back and could play properly with my children again. Gary puts you at ease straight away, is attentive and extremely good! I now visit about once a month just to keep my back and neck loose and always feel much fitter when I leave.
Rory Archibald
Rory Archibald
16:12 13 Oct 17
Well woth the visit Gary very knowledgeable caring and honest. I have had treatment for plantar fasciitis and it has definitely made a difference and allowed me to carry on with daily duties at work.He is currently working on a long term neck problem and this has given me more movement and less headaches and it has change my mind and back out of surgery.Big thanks to Gary.
Trevor Boyles
Trevor Boyles
17:34 11 Oct 17
Have used Gary for several weeks to sort out an ongoing back / neck issue. Has worked wonders. Would highly recommend. Was recommend to me by a friend, who also had great results with Gary.
Helen Jenner
Helen Jenner
11:01 11 Oct 17
After years of migraines I finally sought professional help and it's the best thing I've ever done! Would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with constant headaches/migraines.
james hodge
james hodge
10:58 11 Oct 17
Over last 10 years, I have used a number of chiropractors. Since moving to Tunbridge Wells area, I have have been to see Gary many times and he is undoubtedly the best Chiropracter I have seen. Booking is easy and the treatment always resolves my back and neck problems. Highly recommended.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith
10:38 11 Oct 17
I see Gary monthly for chronic hip pain which really helps to keep me mobile. I would highly recommend.
Tibor Moravcik
Tibor Moravcik
11:41 06 Oct 17
I couldn't recommend Gary and Orit highly enough! I have been working with Gary for just over 3 weeks now and the improvements I have felt in my lower back already have been incredible. Through the weekly treatment sessions, Gary has installed the confidence within my abilities to get back to playing the sports that I love.
Michael Potter
Michael Potter
21:53 23 May 17
I have been struggling with a sacroiliac joint pain for 6 months now, having had both physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment with little benefit. After the first appointment with Gary I noticed a marked improvement, and it has continued to improve with subsequent treatments. Gary's advice on precipitating factors has been really useful and the remedial exercises he suggested are also very effective. I would certainly recommend Gary to anyone, especially if you've tried other practitioners without much success.
Paul Hampton
Paul Hampton
09:41 20 May 17
Gary Edwards is a considerate and attentive practitioner. He was able to diagnose the causes of pain that I have suffered with a chronic injury to a spinal disc that I have had for ten years and the associated chronic problems. With his careful, methodical process he has been able to relieve me of pain where other practitioners (G.P.s., Physiotherapist, Osteopath) have not.
Paul Gunn
Paul Gunn
10:35 12 Apr 17
Gary Edwards has done more for my back in three weeks than my physiotherapist has done in three years. I have had recurring lower back pain for many years, off and on, following an occupational injury. I went to Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic and Shockwave Clinic after one too many back lock-up which, in the past, I've had to just live with until, a week or so later, I finally began to loosen up. The accurate diagnosis and immediate, effective treatment Gary gave me provided instant pain relief and movement, with subsequent treatments identifying other areas of tension which he then worked on and significantly improved. I thoroughly recommend him.
Simon Morris
Simon Morris
11:16 25 Mar 17
In June 2016 a trauma to my left elbow left me with severe tennis elbow. My doctor gave me exercises to do but they did not help at all. He then suggested I try shockwave treatment and gave me Gary's phone number. I have had 5 sessions with Gary, and so far things are going really well. I am not totally pain free but am now able to do most things without a problem. He gave me gentle exercises to do and ordered a brace to prevent further damage whist everything healed. Gary is very knowledgeable and takes time to listen to you. A little way to go yet but thank you Gary for what you have achieved. Jennifer Porter
Stuart Porter
Stuart Porter
15:50 07 Jan 17


Our vision is to provide the highest level of specialist chiropractic care, treatment and prevention techniques to people suffering with acute and chronic back and neck pain in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding villages.


All of our chiropractors are members of the General Chiropractic Council as well as of the British Chiropractic Association. They follow regular post-graduate professional development courses to keep them up to date with new techniques and the latest medical developments. Our chiropractors are covered by most medical insurers.


We provide you with a specially tailored plan that not only focuses on reducing the pain, immobility or discomfort you are experiencing, but also considers the possible causes of your condition i.e. your lifestyle, any genetic disorders, age and general health.


Making that first chiropractic appointment can be an anxious moment but it is also the first step towards returning to your daily activities without pain and keeping it that way. You can book your first appointment Online or by telephone we also offer a 10 minute free consultation. Our friendly team will be on-hand to reassure you and help you arrange a suitable time to come in and see us.


By helping you to understand your condition in more detail and by addressing possible causes and triggers – we will ensure that you not only receive the best  treatment possible but that you are provided with the extra support and advice needed to manage your condition long-term.


Chiropractic is suitable for families, workers, seniors, juniors, pregnant patients, sport people and more. Our chiropractic clinic operates from beautifully presented, family-friendly premises in the centre of Tunbridge wells just 3 minute walk from the train station and we like to ensure that our patients are made to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their visit.

About us

Meet The Team.
We are a multi disciplinary practice with chiropractors, psychologist Massage Rehabilitation and Clinical massage

The Clinic is located above the aviation book shop 3 minutes walk from the mainline train station in Tunbridge Wells.

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Gary Edwards


Andrew Bowden


Orit Edwards


Dr Lisa Gaiotto

Clinical Psychologist


Chiropractors are best known for treating back pain, but the can also treat a wide range of other musculoskeletal conditions.

Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Back Pain

February 7, 2016

Gary and Orit are a fantastic, professional and welcoming team. Gary has helped to relieve my hip and back pain caused by pregnancy. I can now play with my children properly and I'm so very grateful to him for this! My children have been into a couple of my appointments with me and now regularly ask when they can see 'Gary the Pirotractor' again 🙂 I wholeheartedly recommend Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic.

Cera Thorpe

Gary has been great helping me recover from a car crash. I was in pain with lower back trouble but I can now move freely with no pain. A long weekend playing on the beach with my grandson is testament to his wonderful healing hands. Thank you Gary.

Jan Stapley

Had acute shoulder since having a fall in February, Gary Kindly arranged a diagnostic ultrasound and started a course treatment the pain and discomfort has greatly reduced. Thank you.

Janet Jackson

Great experience. The relief of back pain after first visit was unbelievable.

Nitla anaht

I've been having treatment from Gary for a few months now as without him I wouldn't be able to move! I see him regularly for adjustments due to my line of work...I wouldn't trust anyone else and cannot recommend him enough.

Justin Thorpe

Plantar Fasciitis Success Rate For Shockwave Therapy


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